Rita Ora Flashes Her Tits In Malibu

Rita Ora flashing

The gorgeous Rita Ora flashed her boobs while she was hanging out on a beach in Malibu. It was a nice surprise for the people chilling on the beach that day, luckily enough a photographer took the snaps just in time.

She really does have some amazing titties – just look at that teardrop shape and those chocolaty nipples. Truly delicious! Read more

Rita Ora denies being the Becky Beyonce called out in ‘Lemonade’

rita ora1

Singer Rita Ora has addressed widespread speculation that she’s none other than the infamous Becky, a.k.a. “Becky with the good hair,” who makes an appearance in Beyoncé’s new song “Sorry” — and who apparently had an affair with Bey’s husband, Jay Z.

Why the speculation? Blame Snapchat, where Ora’s shown off outfits that seem explicitly intended to tease the general public into thinking she is the side chick in question. (At least, according to some Becky theorists.) Read more