Brexit appeal should ‘leapfrog’ to Supreme Court


A challenge to Brexit should “leapfrog” the usual legal process and go directly to the Supreme Court, Northern Ireland’s top lawyer has said.

In an unprecedented move, Attorney General John Larkin QC said a case being brought by a cross-party group of MLAs should skip NI’s Court of Appeal.

A British government lawyer warned it could be a “treacherous shortcut”.

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Tesco Bank says attack affected 9,000 customers

tescorobThe attack which saw money taken from Tesco Bank accounts was smaller than at first thought, the bank has said.

Tesco said 9,000 current account customers had money taken in the fraud, less than half the 20,000 initially reported to have had money removed.

Personal data “was not compromised” in the attack, and all accounts affected had been refunded, the bank said.

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