Emma Watson Nude Leaked Pics

Oh, my!! A lot of people out there are getting their dreams fulfilled with this new and HOT celebrity hack. The Emma Watson nude leaked photos have been exposed and are going COMPLETELY viral on the web! It’s no surprise that this has created a shit-storm, the Harry Potter actress is a stunner – who wouldn’t want to see her sexy body naked?!


Don’t know who she is? Let us introduce you first…

The beautiful 26 year old A-list celeb was born in Paris, but was raised in England ( in Oxfordshire county, to be exact). She went to acting school at the Oxford branch of the famous school Stagecoach Theatre Arts. She wasn’t discovered though until she landed the role of “Hermoine Granger” in the Harry Potter film series. She played in all of the 8 movies from 2001 to 2011 – winning her major awards and admiring fans.

Although she played a not-so-tidy and kind of grungy girl in the popular wizard flicks, she truly grew into a SUPER gorgeous woman. Audiences worldwide were stunned by her beauty as she was growing up right before our eyes on screen! Her elegant face and sexy body (especially her sizzling long stems) got her a lot of attention with the public! She’s just too damn irresistible!

Emma has moved on from playing a magical young teenage wizard to other roles. She’s played the “hot” high school girl in The Perks of Being a Wallflower to playing “Belle”, the Disney princess in the movie Beauty and the Beast. I have a feeling this girl will be the entertainment business for a long time to come.

Anyway, back to her biggest headline story yet – Emma’s PRIVATE photos that were stolen from her iPhone. According to sources, Amanda Seyfried was also another victim. Are these apart of the Fappening hack from a few years ago? We are not sure! They could be new pirates out there stealing from celebrities.

Either way, one thing is for sure, celebrities are having a hard time protecting their intimate photos these days! You can’t blame fans for wanting to see them once they are out though! Especially when it is someone as fine as Emma Watson – she’s truly something else!

Emma Watson Nude Leaked Photos