Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen discovers the shocking truth about Pat Phelan tonight at long last

Eileen Phelan is in for a big shock in tonight’s double Coronation Street – when she learns the truth about her husband Pat’s villainous side. Eileen has already had her suspicions about him in the past but has frustrated viewers (and Phelan’s many enemies) by constantly being taken in by his lies and giving him the benefit of the doubt. 

Tonight though, she is faced with a truth she can’t deny when she discovers proof that he scammed her friends and neighbours in the Calcutta flats development, which he had previously blamed completely on Vinny Ashford.

The dramatic twist comes in the wake of Phelan’s near death experience at the Mill site. He thinks that he has escaped justice once again but his cockiness will be his downfall as when he comes to thank Tim Metcalfe for pulling him to safety, a chain of events leads to Tim uncovering the truth about the scam.


And when this news reaches Eileen, she can’t do anything to defend him this time. But will discovering that Phelan betrayed the community in such a way lead Eileen to believe the other stories of horror – such as murder and rape – that she has heard about her deplorable other half?

It remains to be seen whether Phelan can clear the air with Eileen but Tim will be left shocked when she tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to find out what Phelan did. But will Tim keep quiet and is Eileen planning revenge?

The exit of Phelan is just around the corner as a holiday by the sea leads to a final showdown with Eileen – which is tipped to see him fall to his potential doom.

So tonight’s discovery is clearly the catalyst for Eileen waking up and smelling the coffee at long last.

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