Emmerdale LIVE updates: James and Emma Barton latest – cast struck by hostage horror

EMMERDALE is set for the third episode of its explosive No Return Week tonight and will follow another set of characters struck by tragedy in the Yorkshire Dales.


The latest episode will focus on James Barton (Bill Ward) and his wife Emma (Gillian Kearney), who seems to have descended into madness after finding out about his love for Moira (Natalie J. Robb).

The unfortunate farmer has essentially become a prisoner in his own home after breaking his leg and relying on his hurt spouse to help him recover.

However, all is far from well as her growing jealousy alienates him more and more, leading him to try and make a quick escape from her.

Teaser images released by ITV have revealed that episode three is going to be something of a harrowing watch. In the pictures, Emma is seen dressed in her wedding dress, which is spattered with blood as she holds a dead chicken in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other.

Meanwhile, James is pictured tied to a chair with his wedding vows stapled to his tie as a reminder from Emma of their union.Perhaps tellingly, one image shows Emma lying unconscious on the floor which hints that James could try to make a quick getaway.The third instalment follows on from two thrilling instalments that have ended in a car crash cliffhanger. Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) were caught up in one collision as they pursed Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather).

Fan favourites Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) were also caught in a car accident just as a marriage proposal was revealed.

emma1Emma Barton descends into madness due to her jealousy

This week is a big one for Emmerdale with drama set to be rocking the village and one person set to die by the end.

The events are going to be sending ructions through Emmerdale as the residents struggle to cope.

Follow us for the all the latest news and updates on each episode as it happens below.  

emma2James is trying to escape from his deadly wife

19.00 And we’re off with the third episode in Emmerdale’s big week! With threats of violence, it is going to be a tense one.

19.02 We’ve just seen more scenes from the funeral

19.03 Is this Emmerdale or Fifty Shades of Grey – Emma’s shopping trip looks suspicious. She is certainly planning something that does not look like it’s going to end well for James.

emma3James is being held hostage in his own home

19.05 A hint of irony with that DVD of The Shawshank Redemption? If only the Barton brothers really knew what had happened to their beloved father.

19.07 Will James’ imprisonment finally be uncovered?

19.08 This all feels very much like Stephen King’s Misery with Emma channelling Kathy Bates.

emma4James is drugged by Emma again

19.10 Emma is rather terrifying and has just drugged her husband yet again – if after promising that she wouldn’t.

19.13 And we’ve now hit the ad break – can James escape? At this rate it looks like he will be stuck in that bed forever.

19.16 How did Emma manage to get him dressed so quickly? If viewers thought that the rabbits were scary yesterday then it’s nothing compared to Emma in her wedding dress.

emma5Emma Barton brandishes a dead chicken

19.18 Emma has really lost the plot now and should not be handling sharp implements when she is so enraged.

19.19 Who would have thought the words: “Dinner won’t be long” could be so chilling?

19.20 So Emma still hasn’t cleaned that blood off her dress?

19.22 James admits he is scared of Emma but she doesn’t see how oddly she is behaving. But apparently, James “brings out the worst” in Emma.

emma6James finally makes it out of the house

19.25 James is close to freedom as he is forced to write with his mouth.

19.26 Is he finally free?

19.28 Has James just killed Emma? And if so he seems to finally have made it out of the farmhouse.

19.29 A mysterious fog descends on Emmerdale but just when James thinks he is free from Emma, she is back again…

emma7Fans did not miss the parallels to Stephen King’s Misery

19.32 Fans have been reacting to the episode on social media to the episode, which has proved one of the most tense so far this week.

The consensus seems to be fear among viewers, with many people posting on Twitter about how scary the episode was.

One person posted: “Felt like I’ve just watched a horror movie not @emmerdale”, while another saw the parallels to Kathy Bates and wrote: “#emmerdale or misery?”

A third person appeared to be left quaking with fear as they said: “Emmerdale is like a flipping horror movie, i cant handle it.”

emma8Ashley Thomas is not in a good way

emma11Ashley gets in a car despite having forgotten how to drive

19.38 There has also been a lot of praise for tonight’s instalment from fans.

“A massive congratulations to Bill Ward and Gillian Kearney for an amazing episode of Emmerdale. The whole week so far has been gripping,” posted one viewer.

Another added: “@gillian_kearney Was absolutely amazing on tonight’s @emmerdale.”

emma9A battered car lies on its side on the road

emma10Paddy and Rhona are left in a bad way





19.46 Pictures have been released from tomorrow night’s episode and show Ashley Thomas in a bad way.

19.49 Tomorrow night will be a double bill episode that will see the climax of the crash in which at least one person will lose their life. But the question is how did this accident happen?

19.52 Sadly viewers are going to have to wait until Friday to find out who is going to die.

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