The X Factor’s Freddy Parker speaks out on drink-drive shame


The singer was handed a 12-month ban

The X Factor‘s Freddy Parker has spoken out on his drink-drive shame after he crashed his car while over the limit.

The aspiring pop star, 18, who made it through to the judges’ houses round of the auditions after winning a seat during the weekend’s Six Chair Challenge, was handed a 12-month ban when he got behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

It was then reduced to nine months after he attended an awareness course in February this year.

And the singer says he just “didn’t think” before getting behind the wheel after waking up following a friend’s party.

“We all crashed out, I woke up and my mate wanted to go home.

“I thought I was OK but never stopped to think about whether I was over the limit.

“We were about two minutes from home, I went round a bend and skidded into a ditch,” he told The Sun.


After the accident, he walked home and was just about to open his front door and go inside when police arrived behind him.

He continued: “They took me to the police station and I gave a urine test and I was over the limit.

“It was such a stupid error of judgement. I was so naive to think I could touch even a bit of alcohol and get behind the wheel of my car.”

Freddy is now in a better place after winning a place in The X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger’s boys’ category.

He will be heading to her house abroad for the final round of auditions before the live shows begin.

The talent show contestant is due to compete against fellow singers James Hughes, Niall Sexton, Nate Simpson, Christian Burrows and wildcard entry Ryan Lawrie in scenes that will air this coming weekend.

The X Factor continues this Saturday on ITV1 at 8pm.

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