Soap queen Sharon Marshall explains why Coronation Street had to air Marc Anwar episode after fan backlash

ITV bosses have been working to minimise the actor’s scenes on the show

Soap queen Sharon Marshall explained to many furious Coronation Street fans exactly why Marc Anwar r’s episode had to air.

The soap reporter and Emmerdale writer told Holly and Phil on This Morning that despite axing the disgraced actor over the weekend it was too late to pull Monday’s episode which he featured in.

She said: “He has been fired from the show. People are a little bit confused that he suddenly turned up in last night’s episode after it was reported he was fired.

“He was actually very prominent in the episode last night, the reason why is he was in so many scenes that they would have had to cancel the whole thing. From what I understand his character is going to be in Wednesday’s show, then he is not on screen for another three weeks. That’s the bit they are now rewriting and editing.


Sharon explained why Corrie bosses had to air the episode


There was fan backlash after he appeared in Monday night’s episode


The disgraced star was sacked after racist tweets

“From what I understand that is what is going to be used to manipulate to do an earlier exit from the character. They are addressing it, they are removing the character from the show, but it was simply last night they couldn’t do it. The story had to play out.”

Fans watching the episode were furious after the shamed star was given airtime following his very public sacking and which has sparked a police investigation.

The disgraced actor, who plays Shariff Nazir, was fired by ITV bosses after branding Indians “b*****ds” and “p**s-drinking c**ts” on Twitter.

ITV sources had told the Sunday Mirror that producers would “give urgent consideration to minimising the actor’s presence in the show until the character can be exited.”


Marc Anwar will be written out of the soap


Anwar was in the scenes


The episode would have had to have been pulled

But it seems like fans do not think enough was done to cut Anwar’s airtime in the first episode of Corrie to air since the scandal broke.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “I see #Corrie are doing well by limiting the screen time of Marc Anwar after his anti India rant .. it’s like the Sharif show…”

Moments later, a different viewer commented: “If Sharif (Marc Anwar)is keeping a low profile why are we seeing more of him than ever. He’s gone viral #Corrie.”

Short afterwards another wrote: “Ouch, really painful watching Marc Anwar on Corrie tonight.”

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