Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle has another huge decision to make after Gordon Livesy’s death

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Aaron Dingle’s life changed forever once more in a recent episode of Emmerdale when it was revealed that his dad Gordon had been found dead in his prison cell. 

As emotions ran high, it was suspected for a moment that Robert Sugden had had a hand in the death – a situation most definitely not helped by Liv’s interference – but Aaron has since apologised for doubting his boyfriend.

But as he faces up to the future and wonders how to move on with so many things left unsaid to his dad and so many questions unanswered, Aaron is hit with another dilemma when he learns he has been left a huge sum of money in the abuser’s will.

Chas breaks the news to Aaron and Liv that they have been left nearly half a million pounds between them but Aaron is instantly adamant that he doesn’t want a penny of Gordon’s money. Later, Chas is concerned when her son insists on visiting the morgue and, after bracing himself, he sees his dead father for himself.

After the emotional moment, Aaron breaks down and admits that he regrets not telling Gordon what he really thought of him.

Meanwhile, Robert is concerned when he hears about Aaron’s refusal to take Gordon’s money and Aaron is unimpressed when he overhears him telling Charity that he won’t let Aaron turn it down.

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Later, it emerges that Chas is the executor of the will and, following on from her brother’s decision, Liv declares she doesn’t want the money either but Robert again thinks that she should rethink the stance.

Can Robert persuade both Aaron and Liv not to let their feelings about Gordon to cloud their future or will they remain determined not to take any of what they have been left by him?