Women are sharing their sex stories on Twitter and guys are freaking out

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LONDON — Some things never change. On Monday night a sex and relationships blogger inadvertently pointed out that the age-old double standard when it comes to men and women’s sexual behaviour still exists.

London-based blogger Oloni asked women to share their “hoe stories”; but some men weren’t quite prepared for the consequences.

“Have you had sex with two guys in one day?” wrote Oloni on Twitter last night.

“Fucked your girls man right under her nose? DM me. I’m intrigued.”

Oloni’s followers rose to the challenge, messaging her their tales of threesomes and having sex with multiple partners on one night, which she promptly shared with followers. The stories were trending on Twitter in the UK for hours.

While many found the tweets entertaining, her male followers weren’t quite so amused.

“TRASH!” read a response to one of the stories.

“I’ve just developed trust issues,” one chap mused after reading the women’s stories.

“I should’ve never have read @Oloni thread. Now I’m mad, upset and now I officially have commitment issues. I can’t do this no more,” read another tweet.

Their reactions did not go unnoticed, with some pointing out the double standards when it comes to sexual encounters.

That, my friends, is what they call a mic drop.

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